Recommended Organisations

Resolution is a group of family lawyers promoting a constructive approach to Family law taking into consideration all of the family. It provides some useful information for anyone facing a family or relationship breakdown.

CAFCASS is the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. They put children’s needs and wishes first and their website can provide a useful resource for parents trying to navigate family breakdown and wish to put their children’s needs first. It also provides some useful resources to use with your children to help explain to them what is happening in their family.

Recommended Books

Family Break-Up: My Family is Changing by Pat Thomas– this is a helpful guide to starting those difficult conversations with your children.

Two Homes by Claire Masurel – children may find this book a helpful in understanding that they now have two homes rather than one. It is very child focused and has bright, colourful pictures for children to enjoy.

Parenting Apart - Divorce coach Christina McGhee offers practical advice on how to help children adjust and thrive during and after separation and divorce. This provides a real focus on remaining united as parents despite your relationship breakdown, for the benefit of your children.

Support Services

A west Kent Charity offering support and advice to men and women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Protection Against Stalking is national charity offering advice and support to victims of stalking behaviours.

The National Centre for Domestic Violence – for all aspects of domestic violence / abuse.